At The Zen Femme we believe in giving back to the sources that feed and nourish us spiritually. Call it tithing or just call it giving - either way, the secret to abundant living is in giving.

At least 10% of profits have gone to the following sources of LOVE for the people and the planet:

One Tree Planted

charity: water

 Village Impact (previously known as World Teacher Aid)

Days For Girls

Natural Resources Defense Council


The Humane Society of the United States

International Federation of Red Cross

Among others.

Know that with each purchase you make with The Zen Femme by Korynn Elliott, a portion of your investment goes back to the growth and health of the people, the cherishing and sustainability of our planet, and raising the frequency of our collective consciousness.

Ready to give back?

Visit one of the websites above to contribute directly, or...

Go to your local wise woman, child, church, or...

Help yourself to help the world, and...

Disclaimer: this is for information purposes only.