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Human Design is a synthesis of wisdom from the Chinese I Ching, the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, the Hindu chakra system, Astrology and Quantum Physics — all to help you see yourself as who you really are. All to help you to break free from who you’ve been taught, told or conditioned to be in the world, so that you can become exactly who you came here to be — the most authentic, thriving and magnetic expression of yourself.

Unbecoming Who You Are Not | The Zen Femme

It confirms the suspicions that you’ve had about yourself + gives you answers to the questions that you’ve been asking yourself.

And it saves you a whole lifetime of trial, error, and figuring it all out on your own.

Human Design Mandala Chart | The Zen Femme

Your purpose here on earth is to know yourself more deeply, to remember who you really are, and to feel who you really are so that you can express yourself and show up in the world as who you really are.


If you’re ready to do that, read on…


By getting a Human Design Reading, you’ll discover your soul’s energy blueprint and learn the beautiful story of how your journey is meant to unfold throughout this lifetime. 

You’ll learn about who you came here to be and really SEE yourself for possibly the first time.

By getting a human Design reading + INTUITIVE coaching we’LL FOCUS ON uncoverING + integratING any ONE of the 4 KEY AREAS:

  • GENERAL/FOUNDATIONAL HUMAN DESIGN. You came here to shine your light in a specific way. Discover how your Human Design type, profile, strategy, and authority will help you reclaim your sovereignty, love yourself more, and be a better, healthier, wealthier human by becoming a force for good in the world.

  • ABUNDANCE BY HUMAN DESIGN. You’re designed to thrive in life and have the resources you need to do so. We’ll go over abundance and money areas in your Human Design chart and you’ll learn how you can specifically decondition yourself from any of the negative programming that’s kept you from claiming abundance as your inherent birthright.

  • LOVE BY HUMAN DESIGN. Discover relationship strategies (specific to your chart and your partners chart, together) that are deeply respectful and nurturing to your energy needs. This session will support you in deepening your love, intimacy, and communication.

  • BODY-MIND BY HUMAN DESIGN. Learn how to fully embody your Human Design energy type and practice feeling where your inner authority and sovereignty live in your body, so that you can make the most empowered and aligned choices/decisions as you move through life. Are you a sensitive, empathic soul? We’ll look at the areas on your body chart where you’re the most sensitive and you’ll discover how you can restore your energy levels and maintain or reclaim a more vibrant state of emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

  • In addition, you’ll learn the challenges that you were meant to face and overcome in one of these 4 areas, so that you can use those challenges to catalyze your highest state of abundance, joy, creativity and contribution to the world —from your truth (by starting to live as who you really are).


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Want to Learn How to Read Human Design Charts?

Learn how to populate, read and understand your chart (and the charts of the people in your life).


I LOVED the report, thank you! It’s so fascinating and you make it way more approachable and real. AND I kept laughing at all the notes and personal touches you put in there. It made it all that much more awesome. Thank you again! I’m gonna refer to those affirmations you gave as well and stick them in my planner.
I had the pleasure of working with Korynn when I was at a place in my life where I felt very lost and needed guidance. She immediately made me feel safe, and I opened up easily with her. By giving me guidance and exercises tailored for my needs, I felt empowered. She really took the time to listen to me, which few people do. Thank you for seeing me, Korynn.
— Sarah T., Media Expert