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When It's Time To Bring the FIRE

When It's Time To Bring the FIRE

It doesn't matter if your Feminine Power Element is Earth, Air, Fire or Water...

...YOU have the power to bring the FIRE when you need to. Let me tell you about when that is needed.

Sometimes we go through times in our lives when we feel like our shadows just will NOT stop showing themselves. Every time something goes wrong, we ask the Universe how the heck it could possibly pile more crap onto our lives when we've been doing all the work, praying, meditating, working on our mindset, surrendering, allowing, ALL the things, etc!

It's kind of like pushing a boulder up a mountain. It can feel so hard. And exhausting.

When you're feeling exhausted or like life is never gonna give you a damn break and you just don't know what the heck you can do, THIS is when it's time to bring the FIRE.

Bringing the FIRE does not mean taking a bunch of action and burning yourself out.

It means being smart about it - it means FIRST being real about where you are right now, giving yourself time (whether it's one day or one know, it depends on your level of pain tolerance) to BE with where you are, and then igniting that flame inside you to burn out the things inside you - and all around you - that are no longer serving you or your life right now.

The key here is to give yourself that space. Because it's in that space that you learn about what you don't want anymore. And when you learn about what you DON'T want you have more incentive to get rid of that shit and go get what you DO want.

FIRE brings you clarity. FIRE doesn't have the time to entertain a bunch of stuff that drags her down. FIRE takes action. FIRE puts herself out there. FIRE gets what she wants.

And doing what it takes to get what you want will create the ripple effect you need to carry out your vision. To live your dharma (purpose). To create your artha (prosperity).

Also, did you know that there's a specific time of the month when you're naturally wired to bring the fire? It's a time when your body is like, "Hey girl, let's get moving!" and she makes it extra easy for you to take inspired action, whether you wanna try and resist it or not.

SO would you like to know how to bring the FIRE back into your every time you need just the right time?

Book a FREE 15-minute Period Plan chat with me and we'll map it out, using your body's built-in plan for all things in life (including business).

BRING THE FIRE, sister. It's time.

Korynn xx


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