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Why Give Energy Healing A Try?

Why Give Energy Healing A Try?

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it...This is not philosophy. This is physics.
— Albert Einstein

(If you know me, you know that this quote is one of my all-time favorites. I love me some Albert Einstein wisdom.)

But the point is this: everything is energy. We are energy. Our thoughts and emotions are energy. Our actions are energy in motion. Our experiences are energy. It can manifest as blockages in bodies. It can manifest as unconscious behavioral patterns in lives. It can manifest as fear, resistance, joy, abundance, or anything, really!

Energy healing is not only based in spiritual principles but in scientific principles as well. You don't have to be super spiritual or really even understand energy healing to receive the benefits of it. Just like you don't have to understand gravity before you fall to the ground. All you really need is a willingness to heal and an open mind.

So why give energy healing a try? 

Like I said before, everything is energy. That means our thoughts, emotions, and past experiences are energy that are always creating imprints in our consciousness or our "energy field".

For example, when we get stuck in negative thought patterns, those patterns send signals to your brain, and those signals then become manifest in our bodies as physical or emotional pain. They can also direct the actions we take and physical and emotional pain can result from those as well.

Energy healing can clear up and "heal" negative energy and blocks from your field of consciousness. It can clear out the junk so that you actually have the space to shine as your naturally awesome self!

A few benefits of energy healing:

+ It clears emotional, mental and physical blocks so that you feel lighter and happier! Sometimes you don't even know you have blocked energy until you've had it cleared up and you realize how much more expansive and blissed out you feel!

+ It clears stress and tension. We often carry around a lot of stress, especially in our fast-paced, modern society. As women, it's become the norm to try to take on the world and do all the things. But we have the power to release that stress from our minds and bodies, rather than be doomed to walk around with it forever!

+ It can heal pain manifestations in the body. We are super powerful beings. If we can unconsciously create pain in our bodies with our thoughts and actions, we have the ability to consciously heal that pain as well - It isn't just a one-way street. Energy healing activates the body's ability (and natural desire) to self-heal. 

For example, I once had horribly nagging knee pain for 3 long years. I saw every practitioner out there to get this sorted. But once I learned how to clear negative energy from my body and my consciousness and send loving, healing energy to it instead, I was able to heal my knee within 2 minutes. That pain was gone for good.

+ It helps you discover what you need to work on, what you're putting your attention on (and therefore making bigger), what you don't want anymore, and what you ACTUALLY do want. When you're feeling more free and clear and your brain feels like it's safe to focus on what you do want, instead of trying to protect you from further harm, you can create so much more magic in your life than you'd ever imagined.

Think energy healing might be right for you? Join me for an Akashic Records healing session.

Lots of love,

Korynn xx


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