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This is what I need to feel in flow (and I'm not gonna feel bad about it)

This is what I need to feel in flow (and I'm not gonna feel bad about it)


For me to feel in flow...I need nature. I need lush landscapes and crashing waves.

I need the warm sun to tan my skin.

Sure, fall is my favorite season and around the holidays I love cozying up with warm blankets, hoodies, and hot cacao, but as soon as the New Year hits, I’m all about getting back into my element.

And that includes tank tops and shorts, flip flops (or, like the Hawaiians call them, slippahs), and palm trees and bamboo forests.

Nothing inspires me more than being able to sit outside on the grass or the beach while watching my daughter and my dog run around and dig holes in the sand.

After getting this soul-nourishment, I can go home and be vibrating so high that I’ll knock out writing an entire book and record a hand full of meditations, all in one evening.

I’ll go home at night after seeing a beautiful sunset and have a life-changing dream. Like, the one I had last night...woah.

The thing is, I’ve made myself feel bad for wanting/needing this in my life. I’ve called myself high maintenance or unappreciative of my current situation when I don’t have these things.

But this year I’m calling bullshit on that.

Why NOT do what you’ve got to do and be where you’ve got to be to get into FLOW and be unapologetic about it?

The world doesn’t need us to be enduring and striving all of the time.

It needs us to feel alive and connected to source - however that may look to each and every one of us.

So, what do you need to feel in flow? Tell me in the comments HERE.

Korynn xx

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