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When You Have Crazy Psychic Dreams 🌙✨

When You Have Crazy Psychic Dreams 🌙✨

If you’ve ever doubted that dreams actually mean something in your waking life, read on...

So, I had one of those wtf dreams last night.

It was a crazy, psychic dream. It gave me very specific information that made no sense to me within the context of the dream - or at all, for that matter.

But, when I woke up, I knew that there was something to it. SO, of course, I wrote it down so that I wouldn’t forget it.

But I still couldn’t stop thinking about it.

The dream went like this:

I was at my aunt’s old house. A house that she lived in when I was a kid. She lived there 30 years ago.

There wasn’t anything special about the events in the dream itself, so I’ll spare you the details there. Just know that I was at my aunt’s old house.

But, as I was waking up, I got a series of exact numbers coming into my awareness. 10 numbers to be exact.

I had no idea what these numbers meant but I remembered the numbers very clearly from this dream. I wrote them down.

Then, a few hours later, and after not being to stop thinking about this dream, I googled my aunt’s name and the numbers that I had downloaded in the dream. And, guess what immediately came up in my search…

The numbers happened to be my aunt’s telephone number (with exact area code and all the numbers in order) from 30 years ago, from when she lived in the house I had dreamt about.


There’s no way I would’ve known this otherwise. I was just a kid when she lived in this house...30 years ago!

This dream was a psychic message. Brought to me by my own consciousness, the Universe, Source, the Divine...or who knows a dream.

This is what I mean when I go on and on about how there’s something more to dreams than just the things we think we want and fantasize about having on a day-to-day basis.

Not that there’s anything wrong with fantasizing and visioning - in fact, I encourage it!

But, if our dreams are sending us very clear messages (so clear that we can sometimes verify them with numbers) imagine how much we can actually bring to life with the information we receive in dreams if we just took the time to hear the messages!

Did you know that the idea for Google came from a dream?

Did you know that Albert Einstein had relentlessly been working on cracking the code to the Theory of Relativity for 8 years before the answer finally came to him in a dream?

What are your dreams trying to tell you?

Start getting curious about them now by first setting an intention to remember your dreams each night.

Then, start writing down your dreams each morning so that you don’t forget them. See what comes through.

They may not mean anything to you at first, but I’m willing to bet that once you get more curious, you’ll see some really interesting insights starting to come through.

And finally, if you’re having trouble sleeping or remembering your dreams in the first place, head over to and download my Sleep + Dream Guide. It’s free.

There you’ll get 3 super helpful (and amazing) resources for falling asleep faster and remembering your dreams more.

And then let the dreams come flooding in.

And share with me what comes up!

Sending lots of love (and sweet dreams),

Korynn xx

P.S. On the go? Watch or listen below:


And don’t forget, if you’re having trouble sleeping or remembering your dreams in the first place, head over to and download my FREE Sleep + Dream Guide.

This is what I need to feel in flow (and I'm not gonna feel bad about it)

This is what I need to feel in flow (and I'm not gonna feel bad about it)

Embrace The Adventure

Embrace The Adventure