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Is Your "Business As Usual" a Total Drag or a Total Turn On?

Is Your "Business As Usual" a Total Drag or a Total Turn On?

Hey love! I get the sense that you're ready for the boring ways of business to be gone.

Me too. Me tooooo.

But I have to say that while "business as usual" for most people means waking up early in the morning, checking email and social media before they even have their morning coffee, and sitting mindlessly in front of a computer, plugging away all day...this does NOT have to be your way of doing things.

In fact, I'm going to challenge you to change your way of doing "business as usual" into a total turn on.

What would it take for you to feel totally and completely turned on by your business?

What do you think it would take for YOU to bring as much pleasure into your money-making (and service-giving) activities as you would a great sex life?


Lingering in bed a little bit longer.

Indulging in a lavender latte before getting to your work. Sipping it slowly and mindfully, with your eyes closed. Engaging all of your senses with each sip.

While you've still got your eyes closed - imagine having an intimate conversation with god/the Universe/your angels and asking how you might best go about your a way that feels easy and joyful.

Imagine being totally and completely present, engaged, connected and in utter appreciation for your clients on calls. It's just you and her right now. Everything else has become a blur and fallen away.

Imagine taking a mid-afternoon break for a cuddle with your partner. Because you know that after that you'll feel more clear and creative than ever. Pleasure = productive.

Imagine spending the rest of your afternoon pouring all of your light, your love, your bright white, radiant energy into your content creation - all for your tribe to gobble up like decadent chocolate.

Your people can tell when you're "tuned in, tapped in, turned on". And because they naturally want to match that vibration, this is when you magnetize them like no one else can.

(Hint: So does the will always naturally match your vibration to bring you more resources, opportunities, ideas, people, and even money)

Now, doesn't the thought of that bring you even more pleasure?

So wouldn't it make sense to bring your "business as usual" to a place of pleasure and turn on more often...or even at all times?

Makes sense to me.

If this sounds like something you're ready for, let's talk.

Schedule an alignment call with me.

Looking forward to it, beauty.

Korynn xx


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