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PMS Sessions - Heal Your PMS. For Good.

PMS Sessions - Heal Your PMS. For Good.

It's no coincidence that I get asked about PMS a lot...for a while there, I had essentially experienced the effects of it for 3 weeks out of almost every month. And because of that, I learned to absolutely dread my period.

I knew that, as soon as those special 7-10 days before my period started, that the fun was all over. I had a good run for those days before it - during my fiery ovulation phase - but as soon as I got back into period territory I was bracing myself for a week of drama and emotions. Then another week of bleeding. Then another week of being so exhausted by my previous two weeks that I just conceded to the idea that life was just gonna be this way until menopause. ( << does that word freak you out??)

I'm pretty sure the things that my mother was going through when I was a child were along the same lines.

Constant mood swings. Cravings. Exhaustion. Brain fog. Depression. A big zit popping up on the left side of the forehead (it was always in the same place for some reason!). Never wanting to be around anybody and definitely not wanting to put up with their shit.

So, of course, in my past life I would've done anything to just cover this stuff up, move on with my life and deal with it when the time came.

Of course, there were constant reminders from doctors that the pill was always an option. "Just try your way through them until you find one that works for you," they'd say.

Well, after trying a few pills and then coming to the conclusion that hormonal birth control only contributed to my Crazy, rather than make it better, I decided to once again just glaze over it and try to move on.

I'd go through phases in my life where things seemed good and great. Then the PMS would come back again. Until, eventually, I literally got tired of that vicious cycle and thought that enough was seriously enough! This was no way to live! I mean, c'mon!

And when the student is ready - the teacher appears ;)

I discovered, in some magical scenario, the idea that us women aren't meant to just suffer through life, knowing that for at least a quarter of our whole lives we're gonna feel like crazy, exhausted bitches and the only way to "cure" that is through taking hormone replacement (the pill).

We aren't meant to dread anything about our bodies. We're supposed to be loving our bodies, aren't we? And we certainly aren't meant to normalize unbalanced behavior when it comes to anything, let alone the behavior we display when we have PMS.

You hear people talking about PMS like it's a joke, constantly. "Oh, I am sooo PMSing this week," you'll hear people jokingly say, as if it's just a given.

If you're a woman you get it, right? But maybe, just maybe, we're focusing on the wrong thing to relate to each other with? Maybe instead of laughing this off we should be grabbing our sisters by the shoulders and saying, "Hey! Your body is on fire and it's trying to tell you to jump in the water and cool off, so listen to it!"

The thing is that studies have shown that PMS symptoms in early life are linked to things like dementia later in life. I don't know about you but I wasn't playing around with the possibility of dementia. 

So I learned everything I possibly could learn about how to get back into alignment with my body and to not only heal this PMS thing but to really love my body through EVERY phase of my menstrual cycle.

And the work began. 

1. I learned how to heal the "reasons" I was having PMS in the first place. And 90% of the time they were energetic reasons.

What did I have going on in my life that was contributing to this? How did I feel about it? Why was I creating this pattern? What did I believe about myself to experience this? Did I have toxic thoughts or healthy, supportive thoughts?

2. The other 10% was due to my behaviors and habits and how they affected my hormones.

What was I eating? Which supplements was I taking? How was my blood sugar? Was I hydrated enough? Was I doing the appropriate kind of exercise for this phase of my cycle?

So I discovered that energetically removing the stagnant energy that had built up in my mind and body and then physically and emotionally working in alignment with my body (and her natural rhythms), instead of working against it, resulted in my healing. 

I was able to heal my PMS symptoms, get back on track and to actually LOVE my period (I know it may sound crazy if you're reading this right now...but I promise it's an amazing thing) for all the wisdom that my feminine cycles have taught me about how to live my whole life!

Do you ever suffer from PMS?

If you're at all curious about how you can heal PMS for good, I have something really special for you.

This week (through October 19th) I'm offering a way for you to work with me for just $97

It's a way for you to get a taste of what it's like to work with a healer and coach who can help you clear out that old energy that might be manifesting in your body in the form of PMS or other menstrual cycle or emotional issues.

In this one hour session we'll do what we can to pinpoint the cause of your symptoms and clear the issue. You'll also walk away with some practices that you can take into your everyday life to maintain that alignment with your body. I'm here to empower you to heal - not just to give you a session. Because you have that power, beautiful.

>> This single session special is only available through October 19th so if you want to Heal Your PMS. For Good. then go here and schedule your session now! <<

Lots of love,

Korynn xx


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