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The Universe IS Listening

The Universe IS Listening

Ok, here's a little story + proof that the universe is listening to what you have to say and is just waiting to give you what you ask for:

From August 2015-October 2015 I'd been having strange dreams of Redwood Forests. They came up in my meditations. They came up in my dreams. And I had no idea why.

I visualized being on a path full of redwood trees that lead me to the ocean. I'd wake up from these dreams and long to go and see what they had in store for me.

By the end of 2015 the dreams seemed to have stopped and I'd forgotten about them.

(Side note: the "theme" that I created for myself for the year 2016 was to "receive in abundance". Mostly because I'd always tried to do everything on my own and receiving help or support was hard for me. Intention noted.)

Well, on the morning of January 10, 2016, I got an email from a woman in San Francisco who runs ecotherapy retreats. I had applied for a work study position with her the year before, to get some experience running more retreats, specifically with nature therapy.

Her email was a last minute invitation (with a scholarship) for me to attend her retreat the next the REDWOOD forest of Northern California!

And to top it all off, the "work study" positions had already been filled, so she stated that I would only be there to enjoy myself and soak it all in. (Ummm, receive?)

If THAT isn't synchronicity, I don't know what is!

SO, my usual, adventurous self knows an opportunity when she sees it. And she would've been on an airplane to the Redwood Forest stat! How could she not? Her thing was to drop everything and jump, even if the timing wasn't right!

But as I read this woman's invitationl, I then thought..."Wait, I have a choice. I don't have to jump on every opportunity even if I'm getting a gut instinct that now isn't the time to do so." 

I thought of the time that I was told I'd be getting a full scholarship to start my PhD program. I was SO excited! And when I took a step back and thought, "is this really what I want right now?" - the answer was no. But I did it anyway... And look what happened - I ended up having a really hard time with my PhD and left academia for good.

So, back to the email... After thinking about this, I chose to stay with my husband for our anniversary weekend instead of going to the redwood forest.

But, the lessons the Universe was trying to teach me were not lost on me!

Here's what I learned:

1. The power of discernment. I have a choice! Just because an opportunity comes up, it doesn't always mean it's the right time for it. I can choose to do what my intuition says is right. 

2. The Universe is ready and willing to fork over whatever we want when we open ourselves up to endless possibilities and to receiving. Not everything we ask for will be good for us, but we always have the opportunity to get what we ask for - every time.

3. Those dreams weren't for nothing. Those redwoods are still a part of my path - my path to growth, and to realization. Because after that experience I realized that there will always be more where that came from.

And, after that year I decided to receive with a whole lot more intention.

Has the universe been giving you little nudges, telling you that it's listening? I'd love to hear about it! Connect with me on Instagram and let me know what kind of magic you've been experiencing.

Sending lots of love,

Korynn xx





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