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I Took A Month Off + Here's What Happened

I Took A Month Off + Here's What Happened

It's been a while since I've been online. Over a whole month actually. And that's because I decided to take August (2018) off.

I had been going strong for about 3 years without ever taking a real break.

Sure, I'd take the weekends off, or I'd spend a day here and there lounging around while my daughter was at school while I tried to recover my energy. But my work button was still ON.

I still had an agenda for (or an idea of) what was meant to happen within the next few days. I'd still be checking social media multiple times each day. I'd still be strategizing in my mind. The wheels were always turning.

I'd still always be working in some way.

Honestly, I don't know what prompted me to finally take a whole month off. Perhaps it was that I was burnt out. Or, perhaps, it was because a good friend of mine took a few months off and raved about how good she felt when she came back, or maybe the eclipse season/astrological weather was just so much to handle that I decided it was time to check-out.

Or maybe it was because my Akashic Records mentor said, "It's not only a luxury for you to take time off right now, Korynn, but it's a necessity for you right now."

So, OFF I went.

Or so I thought...

For about 2.5 weeks I spent all of my time in resistance to taking an actual break!

I didn't think I was such a workaholic. I really didn't. I thought it'd be easier for me to take 4 weeks off to recalibrate and restore my exhausted adrenals.

So for 2.5 weeks I resisted going on social media. Then wanted to go on social media. I resisted writing emails. Then wanted to check my emails just to make sure I didn't have a massive amount of unread emails when I returned. And so on and so on...

It wasn't until I finally took a trip with my daughter + dad and stayed in a beach cottage in Maine (with NO agenda) that I was finally able to stop this waffling back and forth and just relax.

Nature will do that to you. It will relax you. And so will getting out of your usual, day-to-day routine and environment. (I guess that's why they call it a vacation ;))

We gathered sand dollars on the beach, watched the waves crash against the rocky shorelines, flew a kite.

We forest bathed, we foraged rose hips + medicinal mushrooms, and we often sat around and did nothing. It was such a beautiful change of pace.

In addition to my trip to Maine, I did yoga nidra every day for 40 days. If you're not familiar with yoga nidra, it is the most potent form of rest (aside from sleep itself - however, the words yoga nidra literally translate in sanskrit to yogic sleep).

More about that coming soon.

So, ultimately, what happened was this: I dared to rest...really rest. And, at first, I surprisingly resisted it like hell. But then, I allowed it to unfold.

And I did a whole lot more trusting that even if I'm not on top of things at all times, it'll all work out.

Over to you. How do you like to rest? Would it benefit you to take some time off?

Here's a little end-of-summer-but-not-yet-fall Cleansing Ayurvedic Water Meditation for you.

As we move away from the fiery summer season we could use a little washing away of the need to always be producing, and a little help moving into the cooling, cozy vibes of autumn.

Sending lots of love, always.

Korynn xx




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