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Is Being A Visionary A Curse?

Is Being A Visionary A Curse?

Is being a visionary a curse?

I get so many ideas - endless ideas - as if I'm standing under a waterfall of ideas.

Like the ideas are being poured into my brain, permeating my awareness, conjuring visions of the future.

I can't possibly take action on every idea I get. The minute something comes through and I get a clear picture of it, I'll take some time to dream about it...and then, it's gone.

Not because I've forgotten.
Not because I've been distracted by something external.

But because another great idea comes in and there's literally no space in my brain to hold onto all of the old ideas too.

(Can you relate to any of this?)

The way I dealt with this in the past consisted of my jumping around from idea to idea and never fully developing very much.

I'd finally tell myself, "Get it together and stop being so flakey!" and then I'd wind up trying to plug my ideas into someone else's 'system', therefore, eventually causing me to lose interest in it completely because it no longer felt good to me.

Something was off...

So, I finally just gave myself permission to stay out of the box and just freely express myself, AS myself, with no restrictions, and allowed myself to be a clear channel for the inspiration and ideas that came to and through me. 

Then things started to just FLOW out of me. Ahhh. Just saying that releases so much tension in my body.

Recently, I've been guided by source to just trust. To trust that whatever ideas come through and give my body and intuition "hell yes" signals, they'll be the ideas that I should further develop.

But for me to even get there - to even really know what my body and intuition are saying "hell yes" to - I find myself doing the following:

+ I check in with my (spirit) guides and ask them questions and ask about what ideas they have for me (because I trust that they'll have ideas that are aligned for me).

+ I put the pen to the paper and start writing like mad. (I get it out of my brain)

+ And then I see how it feels when I finally let it all out.

+ I also: don't judge or critique it. (If I do judge or critique, then all the fears in the world will jump in and analysis paralysis will take over)

This is putting authentic self-expression over strategy. 

This is what seems to work best for me. And this is what seems to be working for a lot of other visionaries who are turning their "curse" into "cures" for a lot of what ails the world.

It's because of visionaries that change is made, solutions to world problems are seen, old rules that no longer serve us are broken, and things like the light bulb were invented.

Visionaries have been the ones to see the unseen. To discover trends way before they even happen.

They've been the ones to believe in the unbelievable and impossible, even when others told them their visions would fail.

So, if you identify as a visionary in some way: let it come through you. Let it out. Let it flow.

What you are seeing and feeling is NOT wrong.

I believe in you. 

And I can't wait to see what you create.

K xx

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