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When You Really Just Need A Nap

When You Really Just Need A Nap

Can I share something a bit personal with you?

I'm really tired of being tired.

Not just a little bit tired. But exhausted and just wanna curl up and take a nap tired.

The thing that I hear women saying that they really need the most these days?

A nap.

My fourteen year old self with a mononucleosis diagnosis and, as a result of that diagnosis, slept for a month straight (and then spent a lifetime of trying to ignore my chronic fatigue afterward) can relate.

Sleep isn't sexy. But it's a most radical act of self-care.

Sleep... has always been a dire necessity for me. And yet it's still a challenge for me to get the rest that I really need.

While most women (I'm guessing) don't have the same history as I do, that still doesn't take away from the fact that we. are. exhausted.

We have kids, careers, businesses, stress, and a "do more" cultural standard to uphold.

We have this strange relationship to sleep as if it's in servitude to being awake. We forget that it's when we're sleeping that we experience something more magical than our waking hours can really give us: dreams. 

Yes, dreams (or at least the level of consciousness that we tap into when we're in dream-states) are magical.

The good thing is this, though: I know how to help.

And, not in a way that requires telling you to get more sleep... because that you already know.

But I can teach you how to get more rest, less stress, and more sleep.

And we can get started with this yoga nidra sleep-based meditation here…

Lie down or sit back, get comfortable, close your eyes and allow yourself to slip away into sweet bliss.


Love always,

Korynn xx

Are You Getting The Sleep You Need?

Are You Getting The Sleep You Need?

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