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3 Un-traditional But No-nonsense Ways to Ensure A Good Night’s Sleep  🌙✨

3 Un-traditional But No-nonsense Ways to Ensure A Good Night’s Sleep 🌙✨

Hi Beautiful.

I want to share with you 3 "untraditional" but very no-nonsense ways to ensure that you get a good night's sleep.

Because I know how it feels to go home at the end of the day and be super over-stimulated or even just plain exhausted, but still can't fall asleep.

So, when you're laying in bed at night and you're thinking to yourself “When can I just fall asleep already?” remember these three things.

And these three things are not just a bunch of tools that you can you can Google and find on the internet. They're not things that most people talk about and they're certainly not the laundry list of items that most people who talk about getting better sleep will give you.

The first untraditional but no-nonsense way to ensure a good night sleep is this >>

Doing Yoga Nidra sleep based meditation during the day.

You can practice this in the morning. You can practice in the afternoon or you can practice before you go to bed.

Whatever way you choose, know that doing Yoga Nidra during the day cleans out the junk in your waking consciousness, gets you grounded, and helps you sleep better at night.

Go to and download the Sleep + Dream guide to get a bonus Yoga Nidra meditation that you can listen to again and again for free.

The second untraditional but no nonsense way to ensure a good night's sleep is >>

Self-expression. Living your passion. Doing what feels good.

When you're out there everyday doing what lights you up and what your soul is meant to be doing, you can come home at the end of the day and feel satiated.

You’ll feel ready for good night's sleep and easily fall asleep because you've expressed all of your energy instead of keeping it built up inside.

All of the overstimulation that we’re exposed to during the day can be wiped out completely by expressing ourselves fully. And when we live fully during the day we can sleep peacefully by night.

Anyone that I've ever known that's generally fired up and lit up about their days and does what they love each day, sleeps better than anyone else I've ever known.

And finally, the third untraditional but no-nonsense way to ensure a good night's sleep is >>

By releasing sexual energy through orgasm.  

Now, you can orgasm on your own or you can orgasm with a partner, but just make sure that if you're doing this with a partner, it's someone that you feel safe with and whom you trust.

Because if you’re sharing that experience and bed space with someone that you don’t necessarily feel safe with, this is actually asleep disruptor.

You know that after releasing sexual tension, that after clearing out that energy in your sacral chakra, it's pretty easy to fall asleep... pretty much immediately after.

So this is one of the quickest ways to release that energy and have a good night sleep.

These three ways to get to sleep faster and better are not really talked about very often, but they are kind of common sense and they do work.

And you don't have to do anything like take medication. They’re all natural and they all feel good to do.

To learn more how you can get better sleep and dream more (both at night time and in your waking life) go to and download the Sleep + Dream Guide.

Start using the free Yoga Nidra meditation, start getting sweet, sweet sleep, and start bringing your dreams to life.

With love... and sweet dreams,

Korynn xx

P.S. Prefer to watch/listen? Find my FB live on this very topic HERE :)

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