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Korynn is super knowledgeable about personal development and different theories around finding out who you are, your why, self-care and self-love (particularly Human Design!) - all things I need a dose of daily to balance out my hectic lifestyle.

Her voice is also super soothing and she has an aura about her that makes me feel really comfortable, inspired and supported.

Can’t say enough positive things about this podcast!
— Sunny G. (on The Lighthouse: Human Design Podcast)

OMG LOVE my new fave Podcast by Korynn of @thezenfemme. I recommend it for anyone on their own personal development journey who loves understanding themselves even deeper. Self awareness = life.
— Mona Lisa O. (on The Lighthouse: Human Design Podcast)

Korynn Elliott is an amazing and gifted ecotherapy healer. She uses the essence and energy of Nature to quickly bring about profoundly positive shifts and healing. By working with Korynn, I was able to transform my fear of change into a deep feeling of hope and peace. I will always be extremely grateful for Korynn’s help!”
— Linda P., Psychotherapist and Relationship Counselor

Korynn is a wise gentle soul who guided me with probing questions as to what might be blocking my energy around money. She shared her expertise in a clear and practical way that boosted my confidence and I felt I could implement the steps taught immediately. Thank you for sharing your gifts so generously Korynn!
— Georgina S., Transformational Coach

You taught me how to make manifesting work FOR me. I was a master manifestor of everything I DIDN’T want before then! So thank you my friend for helping me to remember my power.
— Hope T., Psychic Medium

In just one powerful, magical healing session, Korynn helped me transform a subconscious limiting belief that was wreaking havoc on my life. I didn’t know what to expect from the session, but in a short period of time, Korynn helped me pinpoint a hidden, underlying belief that kept me in burnout and sacrifice (I’ve been trying to solve this on my own for YEARS).

Because of her guidance and the sacred space that she held for me, I was able to finally release the old programming that kept me from deeply experiencing my joy, success and self-love on a daily basis.

Now I can take inspired action and feel AMAZING, nourished and in love with myself at the same time (without any underlying guilt or confusing resistance). Thank you so much Korynn!
— Mona Lisa O., Business Success Coach

I feel like anything is possible now and I’m so grateful! By healing and clearing my blocks and resistances, I manifested an extra $10,500 and I found a second source of income that allows me to work with people I love. I even brought the love and adventure back into my marriage! Thank you, Korynn.
— Patty S., Personal Stylist

I had the pleasure of working with Korynn when I was at a place in my life where I felt very lost and needed guidance. She immediately made me feel safe, and I opened up easily with her. By giving me guidance and exercises tailored for my needs, I felt empowered. She really took the time to listen to me, which few people do. Thank you for seeing me, Korynn.
— Sarah T., Media Expert

If I hadn’t learned these tools I would still be in a place of stress and overwhelm. Within one month of working with you, I was able to heal my relationships and I landed a job that allows me to work from home and be available for my daughter!
— Ramona T., Financial Controller

Korynn is a phenomenal coach and healer with a unique approach to living a truly free life. Korynn’s unique healing practices are unparalleled to many of the skills I’ve come across in the past. Through her work I’ve become much more grounded and found a deeper connection to my higher self.
— Haley N., Business Mentor

Korynn had a wonderful presence that allowed me to connect with myself through all of the comforting sounds, sensations and feelings in my back yard by guiding me through a beautiful, mindful experience. I highly recommend her services for anyone who wants to connect to themselves through nature.
— Amy P., Counselor and Wellness Coach

I felt so reassured during our time together because I always felt I was really being listened to and understood regarding my business concerns and my home life. I was able to set up goals and plans and to reach my targets. I came away with a more clear mind and a deep knowing that I can create even further. Thank you, Korynn.
— Amanda O., Entrepreneur

Thank you to Korynn for helping me breakthrough and get the clarity I needed. The sessions I had were so nurturing and supportive. My heart felt full and I appreciate the practicality you brought to them as well. It was great. Thank you Korynn for offering your services to the world.
— Lyndsay P., Life Coach