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Finding Your Sanctuary

Finding Your Sanctuary

Do you have a place that you call your own - a place for peace, quiet or spirituality? Sometimes even a place where you can go when you're feeling like you need a break from upset, distress, or to just raise your vibes? 

I call these places my sanctuaries. 

As a woman who loves to travel but still needs time and space for herself, I usually make it a point to find my sanctuaries wherever I go. Especially if I'm staying in a place for longer than a few days.

Whether it's in a zen garden in Auckland, New Zealand, a small cliffside cathedral in the Algarve, Portugal, or a quiet forest in British Columbia, my sanctuaries bring me a calming and grounding feeling that I tend to need when I'm traveling.

Is there an empty beach with beautiful sunsets? That'll be my sanctuary. Is there a rocky cliffside overlooking the wild ocean? That'll be my sanctuary.

As an introvert, my home has always been my sanctuary, too. A place for prayer, for nature (indoors and outdoors), for quiet and little stimulation from the outside world. I like to make my home a place that I can always come back to and never want to leave (within reason :)).

My first home in Hawaii had a garden full of succulents, mango trees, papaya and lime trees, and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. When I wasn’t there, I longed to be there. It is one of my sanctuaries.

Feeling like you need a little grounding or connection? Find your sanctuary. Find your place of peace, of quiet.

Where is a place that you might call your sanctuary? Find your sanctuary and connect with the feeling of it. Spend time sitting, walking, resting and breathing it in.

I promise you'll feel much better if you do.

Sending lots of love and aloha on this beautiful day,

Korynn xx

P.S. Grab this Rest Sanctuary Guide to create your own sacred space for deep peace + relaxation and then come and join us for weekly rest, sleep + dream rituals in The Zen Femme Collective.

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