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Life in New Zealand as a Swiss Mama Entrepreneur

Life in New Zealand as a Swiss Mama Entrepreneur

A special NOMADIC MAMAS guest post with founder, Sabrina Weber

My now husband and I set out for the adventure of our lifetime, ten years ago when we simply decided to move all our belongings from Switzerland across the globe to New Zealand, without ever having been there before! Crazy? Maybe...

We just knew it was the right thing to do. Open hearted, unattached to outcomes and with a desire to simply experience a different way of doing life, perhaps a slower one. We booked flights, filled out countless forms, sold stuff, packed stuff and just went all in with the intention of staying at least two years, giving it a good go, ya know.

Ten years in today and we are still here, owned and sold businesses, moved islands, experienced earthquakes, purchased a dream home, got married and welcomed baby girl Indigo to our wee tribe. She is a true Global Citizen, already holding two passports and about to board her first flight back to our home grounds to meet the family.

As I am writing this, I am sitting at my favourite vegan cafe overlooking the ocean, Ben Harper blasting in my right ear, beautiful people everywhere and accents from around the world creating a colourful background noise. You can see all about my fave spots here, btw. I love it! It’s why I am here in NZ doing this adventure thing called living out loud aka my life. Sam and I, we both love Switzerland but always felt like we need more, we need to expand our horizons and surround ourselves with the beauty and energy that is our whole planet. Not just for ourselves but in preparation to be the kind of parents we desire to be one day and I am so damn grateful we took that leap! Was it hard? no. We honestly just followed our intuition, negative or fear based comments did not even reach our consciousness, I think because we were so clear of our desires.

Having done this opened our hearts right up, I believe we are better humans as a result. We have a heightened consciousness and appreciation for our planet and continue to grow in that way. Our daughter gets to grow up with that absolute understanding of different cultures, languages and interconnectedness past any boundary that might show as a dotted line on a map. She knows that we are all one and that there really is only one country - our planet.

It’s just now after ten years in New Zealand that we are starting to feel that pull again. That feeling that it’s time for something new, new shores, new experiences, new people, new challenges, new adventures... Over the next few months this will crystallize more I am sure and we are excited for what’s on the cards!

Some thoughts I would share with anyone who is experiencing a similar pull right now: - Listen to your intuition. Your higher self knows, she has the blueprint you just have to trust her. - Stay open and unattached. As soon as you have expectations you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

- The kids will be fine. Don’t use children as an excuse, as long as they are safe and loved they will have a blast. - Traveling and doing life in such a way can teach your children - and you - way more than a classroom ever could. - You can always go back. Unless you are a criminal, your home country will always welcome you back in if need be. Going back is not a failure it’s simply another decision, follow what makes you feel good. - Skype is amazing - Family love knows no distance - Friends can be family too. - Everything is figureoutable!

Go and live your life, press play now!

Love Sabrina xo


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