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Overcome Your Creativity Blocks

Overcome Your Creativity Blocks

Your desires/creativity were given to you by the Universal intelligence that created everything in existence, with the express purpose of being carried out by you during your lifetime.
— Jen Sincero

Overcome Your Creativity Blocks

If you’ve found yourself procrastinating, doing ALL the things other than creating, wasting time in places, relationships, and life situations that feel stagnant, and/or think that you’re NOT a creative person because you don’t enjoy painting or sewing or whatever else we think we have to enjoy doing to be a creative person….then you’re in the right place :)

AND, you’re not alone. We all experience this.

Writers get writer’s block and wish they could just write.

Stay-at-home moms get tired of staying at home and wish they could just take their kids out of school “unexcused” and go to Hawaii for a few weeks.

Entrepreneurs and marketers get blocked when it comes to coming up with a vision or new idea.

So here’s what can be done to overcome your blocks to creativity:

First, recognize that just by being a human being, you are creative. (See more about this in my video below)

You create your life, your experiences, your environment, your circumstances, your thoughts…your everything.

Now that you’ve first gotten that out of the way, from now on try these things regularly…

+ Spend time in dream states: If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Don’t quit your day dream” this applies here. Dreaming (at night and during the day) expand your awareness and bring a ton of out of the box perspectives.

+ Engage with life: I know from personal experience that nothing keeps me creatively blocked more than being stuck inside, never going outside into nature, and never engaging with anyone or anything that is NOT on the internet.

+ Luxury: give yourself permission to indulge in whatever feels luxurious to you. You don’t have to go broke to indulge. This could be as simple as hiding your Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups in the back of the pantry so that only YOU know where it is and have access to its sweet goodness. (Not that I know anything about that…..)

+ Travel/movement: this one is my favorite because it inspires me the most. When I explore new places, new cultures, or new environments - or even just move my body…or my car…or move an airplane - I come up with my best ideas.

+ Connect with Source/God/The Universe/your higher self: when you connect with your higher power and open up to receiving all of the loving energy that comes with that connection, you expand, you become inspired, you channel all the ideas, words, action steps that need to come through for your highest (and most authentic) creative expression.

+ Do new things: trying anything new gives you a whole lot to write about and gives you new perspectives that you hadn’t thought about before. Trying new things also takes your ego out of the equation because when you’re doing something new you don’t expect yourself to “know it all.” <<— this in itself is super expanding.

+ Change your environment: if you go to the same cafe everyday, try going to a different one. Go to a different grocery store. Take the back roads home instead of the highway. Get out of your office and go to…anywhere else but there. Get out of your routine and circulate some new energy.

+ Perfectionism: stop it.

+ Forget the rules: there will always be someone there to tell you that you’re doing things all wrong because you’re not playing by the rules that THEY play by. Stop caring about what the rules say and stop caring about what anyone else says or does and you’ll create the most amazing things. (And then when you do, those people will envy you)

++ Here’s an add-on to the last one: surround yourself with people who are supportive of your creativity and forget about the doubters.

So, whether you’re creating something for your life’s work, your business, your job, OR you’re creating something new in your LIFE, I hope that these tips help you to overcome any blocks that happen to come up on your journey.

Be brave.

Have the courage to create.

And I’ll be right here with you, cheering you on, along the way.

Korynn xx

Creativity is bringing forth something that the world has never seen before…creativity is the model for the original life.
— Joseph Campbell
Why Are You Here? What Are You Here For?

Why Are You Here? What Are You Here For?

Freedom, expansion + support. This is what I'm returning to.

Freedom, expansion + support. This is what I'm returning to.