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Why Are You Here? What Are You Here For?

Why Are You Here? What Are You Here For?

Why are you here?

The Universe (or God), in conjunction with your soul, put you here on this planet to be a unique expression of creativity.

BUT you’ve been taught that creativity has to look a certain way. You’ve been taught that it has to be a painting, a novel, a song, or impressive graphic design.

Everything in your life is a creation. Your creation. You had to get very creative to put yourself in the environment that you’re in, to have the physical things that you have, and even to think the things you think.

Everyone who was brought up in school was taught to live a certain way, to be a certain way, to do certain things, and even to want certain things.

Everyone will be happy as long as you’re living your life according to the guidelines (you know what the guidelines are).

But it takes courage to create - intentionally - the things that you want, the things your intuition has been telling you are right for you, and the things that feel good for you.

It takes courage to face your demons and do what it is you were placed here on this planet to do because we have everything working against us. Society, social media, the system…. is set up to get us addicted to something/anything, and consume...not create.

It takes courage to create what you dream of creating and probably haven’t told anyone else about (because it’s not within the guidelines).

It’s unrealistic.

It’s crazy.

It’s messy.

But it’s your spirit.

And your only job here on earth is to let your spirit do what it came here to do:


Be an expression of whatever message it needs to express.

Not follow rules.

Not doubt.

Not judge.

And not just consume.

This is the Universe/God/Source/our Creator’s will for you.

To BE free and create.

When you express your creativity in any or all forms you serve source + you serve the world.

So here’s where we’re gonna start:

The Courage to Create: A Workshop.

Let go of the rules, the descriptions of what being ‘creative’ means, and set yourself free to create and express your art - however that looks for you.

If you’re a creative person looking for a more inspired way to live, someone who’s set aside their dream of creating and feel that now’s the time to recover the creator within, or you’re someone who has a creative profession and you’re looking for a way to fill the creative well back up, then this workshop will bring you home.

We’re starting soon and there’s still time to sign up :)

Korynn xx



Overcome Your Creativity Blocks

Overcome Your Creativity Blocks