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My daughter gave me some beautiful insight last night, after she pulled a card from our Gaia Oracle deck.

The card she pulled mentioned something about how we are transient here on earth, and so she asked me what happens when we die and where we go.

This lead to us talking about reincarnation, when all of a sudden, a sad expression crossed over her face.

She looked down, and then whispered under her breath, “That sounds sad, because we probably wouldn’t remember if we saw someone we loved (from this lifetime).

“Would we remember them?”

“I wouldn’t want to forget about you.”

This hit me right in the chest.

I know that my daughter has this beautiful ability to love so deeply. Ever since she was a little kid she’s always talked about how she loves and wants to be around “her people".

She loves and cares for her friends and family with a fierce loyalty that I’ve learned so much from because I never recognized this trait in myself until I saw it in her.

In response to her questions, I didn’t have the answers, but I did say to her that I thought we all met up in spirit somewhere, and that I think we always know at a soul level who “our people”are.

But this little conversation (and her sadness for the idea of losing the people she loves) reminded me that:


That’s why we are here.

Only to love.

To meet with people/souls, and find them to love them.

It was around this time last year that I received the message (relentlessly) from my spirit guides to do all things with love, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’ve received this message again from my very own little earth angel - my daughter.

I had forgotten. It was time I remembered.

And then, wouldn’t you know it, I looked at the clock on my phone and saw what the date was. It was the night before Valentine’s Day.

I don’t celebrate this day normally because it’s been way too commercialized for my taste, but maybe I will celebrate this time…

With the knowing that I’m here to love all…always.

Sending YOU so much love today and always,

Korynn xx

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